If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it's moving you away from your goals.
Brian Tracy

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Services offered by ITERUM Capital are mostly focused on attracting the financing and implementation of strategic solutions by using available international contacts and experience. All the services offered by the company can be grouped into the following three categories:


Capital raising – attraction of different forms of financing for your project or current business: credits, mezzanine loans, direct investment, strategic partnerships with institutions and private investors from different countries of the world. (more info)


Mergers and Acquisitions – consulting on acquisition or selling a business, search for appropriate objects to acquire or buyers in different countries, management buyouts (MBO), leveraged buyouts (LBO), solutions of transactions financing. Company is specializing in finding acquisitions’ targets across the Central and Eastern Europe. (more info)


Strategic Planning – getting from idea to implementation, we can make a research of any market in the world, and find advanced technologies, raw material suppliers, production purchasers, strategic partners, and financing resources. Working jointly with our partners we can contribute to optimization of current business activities. (more info)


We offer extremely flexible terms and conditions of service. Contact us so we and our partners can arrange a visit to your site in order to offer a more detailed presentation of our services and share the experience gained through implementation of similar projects.