If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it's moving you away from your goals.
Brian Tracy

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Modern business features dynamics, rapid international development and active rotation of owners of capital. Thanks to the information technologies, buying and selling businesses stride in the very front of the globalization process. However, despite the abundance of highly standardized information, this process would be hard to implement without the contribution of qualified lawyers, accountants and economists. Working together with the partners, which we have in every CEE country as well as in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, allows us to offer the following services:



For the sellers of businesses:


·          We shall prepare a Memorandum of Sale (business analysis and offer) in Lithuanian, English and Russian;

·          We shall help to estimate the correct price;

·          We shall find a buyer;

·          We shall arrange negotiations and represent you;

·          We shall prepare a Contract of Sale;

·          For those selling non-controlling stakes we shall prepare Shareholders’ Agreements and other necessary internal documentation.



For the buyers of businesses:


·          We shall find a business or project to acquire;

·          We shall make an unbiased assessment of the business/project;

·          We shall arrange negotiations and represent you;

·          We shall prepare a Contract of Sale;

·          We shall help to find financing for the transaction (and also for the management buyouts (MBO) and leveraged buyouts (LBO)).


“ITERUM Capital” having good connections in Central and Eastern European countries, can find the best acquisition target in the region.


Our consulting services are available at the very initiation of the deal or at any further stage of the deal implementation. Our services offered in cooperation with partners include due diligence, accounts audit and legal audit.