If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it's moving you away from your goals.
Brian Tracy

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When companies outgrow their national markets, the time is right to consider their future – to establish new visions, to set new goals, and perhaps to launch new activities. In this case external support, new contacts, objective opinions and evaluations are always useful.


The strategic planning service offered by ITERUM Capital includes several activities that can be consistently implemented each individually or as a whole.


Market analysis and research. Market research is aimed at the identification of the most promising markets (in geographical, consumption behaviour, etc. respects) where current activity of the company could be further expanded and/or new ones undertaken. Working in close cooperation with international market research networks and independent market consultants enables ITERUM Capital to offer market research of any country or industry and necessary contacts.


Preparation and management of investment projects. Whether you have already come up with the idea or still keep searching for it, we can prepare the complete business plan for you covering all the necessary fields of your future business: we can find the most advanced technology, raw material suppliers, production purchasers, strategic partners, attract financing resources, develop a marketing strategy, and help finding professional top-managers for your new venture. Going beyond any geographical limitations we cooperate with professionals and experts of various fields that are capable of offering sound technological as well as economical solutions.


Financial planning. Although having a great market and technology insight, companies sometimes fail to pay adequate attention to detailed financial planning which represents a critical factor allowing companies to assess outcomes of potential risks, develop and model different business scenarios and determine future returns and company value. Using an up-to-date software we perform a financial modelling, help in estimating the business’ selling price and determining impact of any other important strategic decisions on the financial condition of the company.


Contact us for the detailed presentation of our and our partners’ experience gained in developing and implementing different business strategies.