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Going through different stages of business development, businessmen often face demand for business financing due to various reasons as national providers of financial resources (banks, funds) lack required possibilities for the solution thereof.


Working jointly with foreign partners, ITERUM Capital undertakes intermediation in attracting additional commercial financing required for the operation of companies or individual investment projects. Having reliable partners allows us to reach over a thousand of organizations and individual persons offering financial resources. Financing can take the following forms:


Direct investments into the share capital. In this case, financing may include the private equity funds, individual investors (also known as angel investors or business angels), strategic investors, venture capital funds. This type of investment is implemented by acquiring a portion of the share capital (usually through additional issue of shares) and obtaining all the shareholders’ rights provided in the regulations of the company. “ITERUM Capital” specializes in attraction of venture capital and/or strategic partners for new (seed, start-up stage) projects with high growth potential.


Mezzanine Loans. Mezzanine loans are not secured by the mortgage thus financially they are not considered to be a real credit but treated as a “quasi capital”. Therefore banks do not take it as a liability but treat as a contribution by the partner of the client. Mezzanine loans are used to fund the development of current or related activities when company is generating stable cash flow. This type of the loan can be allocated for financing both investment and working capital. In Western Europe, mezzanine loans are used in combination with the bank loans when a bank requires a larger proportion of the own contribution.


Financial instruments of foreign banks involve different financial instruments offered by banks that are not actively doing business in the Baltic States, including loans, guarantees, letters of credit, etc. This method of financing can be attractive due to its lower interest rates. Moreover, the world’s biggest banks that have global branched chains can assess risks of international trade more easily and offer more varied instruments of crediting. Financing can be obtained even from the banks in the Gulf that operate under the Shari’ah Law. We are also capable of offering intermediation services in securing credits.


Financing offered by Baltic banks and other financial institutions. We undertake intermediation in obtaining loans from banks and their branches in Baltic’s as well as other credit institutions and financial investors. We arrange necessary documentation, investment projects and financial forecasts. We select the most appropriate solutions for optimization of the financial structure using credit insurance, State guarantees and support of the EU structural funds. We assist in developing effective schemes of financing and settlement of the international trade.


When providing these services we shall arrange all the necessary documentation, ensure confidentiality and always represent your interests.